Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bling as far as the eye can see!

 I went to my first bead show in Lexington, KY, on Saturday, June 25.  Lexington is about 90 miles east of Georgetown, IN.  I was a little nervous as I've never been to downtown Lexington but thanks to maps and directions I printed from Mapquest, I had no problem getting in or out. 

When I first walked into the bead show I was overwhelmed.  It would've been easy to grab everything that caught my eye but I stuck to my original plan and only bought what I needed.  There's another bead show in Louisville on July 2 but I'm not sure if my husband, Dave, will let me go ...  (Downtown Louisville, KY is ten minutes away, just across the river.)   I've certainly enough beads to keep me busy.  I spent yesterday afternoon organizing and throwing stuff away I've had for a long time and probably won't ever use.

This evening Dave will be teaching me about macro photography so I can start taking photos of my jewelry and other items.  Stay tuned!

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