Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"I made that!"

After a time out for health and family, I'm back with knitting needles and jewelry plyers at the ready. Knitting needles first.
My daughter's Girl Scout troop leader asked me to teach knitting. I brought several examples of twoneedle knitting and loom knitting. First, I'll be teaching loom knitting. I need to get started putting together reference materials.

I have this same yarn!
I was pleasantly suprised a few of the girls 
had projects started!  Most kids these days remember their grandmothers knitting and crocheting.  Needle arts are disappearing.  Young girls aren't being taught in Home Economics at school how to cook or sew a button onto a piece of clothing.  It's all about fast food and buying new clothes.

Loom knitting
I'm looking forward to introducing the girls to saying with a smile, "I made that!".

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